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Legman Garage Door Broken Spring

What to do when you need garage door repair for your home or business.

This article by Legman USA garage door will acquaint you with some of the likely causes
that could be responsible for your garage door malfunctioning. It is good to be
knowledgeable about this common problems because it will help you know what to do
when your garage door develops fault. Some of these issues include the following
Garage door stops working all of a sudden
When you notice your garage door does not respond to the promptings of the garage door
opener button , it is possible that the batteries have expired. What you need to do is to
replace the batteries. Another alternative is to try and open the door from the wall button.
If the door still does not open after you have done this, then it is time to call a professional
to check the door.
The door is unusually heavy
When you observe the garage door either closing or opening smoothly and gently it may not
occur to you how heavy the door is. Such graceful movement of the door is as a result of the
heavy duty springs attached to the door. The springs combat the weight and neutralises the
pressure that is exerted on the opening mechanism. However after several times of lifting
and lowering the door, the spring becomes weak and could no longer carry the door
effectively like it used to. When this happens, the door begins to seem heavier and even
the movement gets slower. To solve this the springs will have to be replaced. Get a
qualified technician to do this. It is advisable you do this immediately so that no damage is
done to the lift mechanism.
When one panel is damaged
If there is a damage to your garage door affecting only one panel it wouldn’t take much
replacing the panel. However if several panels were damaged it would be better replacing
the door completely. It is usually economical fixing just one panel than when it has to do
with multiple panels. If you are not sure the best thing to do you can call us for advice.
The door is sagging
When your garage door is sagging to one side, it is a sign that the door is not balanced. The
most likelihood is that one of the springs is rapidly wearing out more than the other spring
thus causing uneven pressure on the lift mechanism. You need to resolve this problem
immediately so that it does not damage the motor. The solution is replacement of the
springs. You can reach out to Legman USA Garage door when you observe any of these
problems. We will effectively take care of them.

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