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Reasons that could account for your garage door not working

With this article by Legman USA Garage door it is hoped that you will be acquainted with some of

garage-door-repair-stafford-vathe reasons that could be accountable for your garage door not working. They are as follows
Broken Spring: Garage doors are exceptionally heavy. You may not be conscious of this until you try
to lift one manually. What lifts the door with such ease are the heavy duty springs on the door. Some
doors have one while others have two of these springs. These springs are made to last for some
cycles after which they snap. When this happens the door will no longer be able to open. Although if
it was a door with two springs and only one spring breaks the door may manage to open with the

other active spring but it will be very slow and this will not last long. When you notice this you need
to call a professional. Don’t attempt to change the spring by yourself as this could be very unsafe.
Limit settings are not correct: The limit settings on the door lets the door system know when it has
reached closing point and then stops. If the limit setting is not correct, the door may touch the
ground earlier than the system thinks it is supposed and then reverses automatically . When you
observe that your door goes down and on reaching the ground instead of closing it goes up again,
the limit setting has an error. You can reprogram the limit setting of the door with aid of the owner’s
manual for your garage door opener. If you did not get it well then you will have to invite an
experienced technician to do it.
The disconnect switch is activated: There is a disconnect switch that comes with your garage door
which is used to disconnect the door from the motor to enable manual operation of the door. When
you are trying to open the door and sense the motor working at the time you think is enough to
open the door but the door fails to open, it is possible the disconnect switch is activated. It needs to
be connected back so that the door could be operated automatically. When you look at the
disconnect switch you will see a string hanging from it which you will use to activate the switch.

Peradventure there is no string or it is high then use a stepladder to activate the switch on your
garage door.
The door is manually locked: When the motor works and the door doesn’t open instead the motor
runs for few seconds instead of a full cycle. If you have ascertained that the tracks and door springs
are not blocked, it is possible the door had been locked manually. Check for a knob or handle with a
bar that extends out to each side at the middle of your door and turn the handle until there is a click
sound and the bars go back a bit. With this you can now open the door automatically.
The tension springs or cables are broken: the tension springs work in conjunction with the door
cables for the door to lower slowly and safely. If the door closes faster than usual or closes with a
loud bang it is likely that either one or more of the springs or cables are broken. With the springs
broken, the cables are likely to snap since they cannot handle the weight of the door. This is capable
of hurting the person standing beside it. It is advised that you stop parking your car in the door until
it is repaired. Get the door repaired immediately. Don’t delay. Call Legman USA Garage door for quality job.

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