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Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair/Install
Broken Spring Repair
New Garage Door Installation
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Garage Door Maintenance/Tune Up
Welcome to Legman USA Garage Door Repair Services in Round Hill VA. Below are some of our garage door services here in Round Hill VA

  • Garage Door Repair Round Hill VA
  • Broken Spring Replacement in Round Hill VA
  • Torsion and Extension Spring Repair in Round Hill VA
  • Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair in Round Hill VA
  • Broken Cable Replacement in Round Hill VA
  • Offtrack Garage Door Repair in Round Hill VA
  • Garage Door Parts Replacement Round Hill VA
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement in Round Hill VA
  • New Garage Door Replacement and Installation in Round Hill VA
  • Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement Service Round Hill VA
  • Genie, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Overhead, Liftmaster, Chain and Belt Drive Opener installation and Repair Services in Round Hill VA

You can Contact us today for all our Garage Door Services at (703)382-7268

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 11 reviews
by Nichole Barter on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair Round Hill VA

Round Hill VA is a small city, so finding a garage door repair in Round Hill VA is a big problem. When our garage door spring broke, we searched and searched for a garage door company until we found Round Hill VA garage door repair. The technician was very talented, friendly and the service was very affordable. Now we have our go-to garage door company. Thanks guys

by Jeremy Knight on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Parts Replacement in Round Hill VA

I used Legman USA Garage Door Installation in Round Hill VA to install a new garage door for me about 3 years ago, they gave me a 5 year warranty on the garage door and all the parts. Recently I was in my garage and I saw a part on the floor that looked like a garage door part but I couldn't recognize it but tested the garage door and it was still working fine. I called the Legman guys and they came out the very next day. The advised that the part was a garage door bracket for lifting the garage door up. They replaced the bracket for me with no questions asked and put new screws. I really appreciated them for honoring their 5 year warranty. I will highly recommend them to anyone looking to install a new garage door.

by Mary Khan on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Opener Remote Replacement

I used Legman USA Garage Door Opener Repair Company last year to install a garage door opener for me at my home. I got two remotes from them when it was installed, so recently, one of the remotes has stopped working and I tried replacing the battery but it didn't help. When I called Legman USA to get a new remote, I was very happy they didn't give me a hard time like most companies do. They agreed to send out a remote with a technician the very next day and they did that. At the end of the day, they found out that I put the battery on the remote backwards and that's why it didn't work. I apologized to them and they left without charging me anything even though the fault was mine. I really liked the way the handled the situation.

by Mammoud Shamar on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Opener Installation Round Hill VA

Our garage door opener has been acting up for the past few weeks and we've been thinking about getting it replaced because its a very old unit that has lasted up 22+ years. I went online to do my research and found out about Chamberlain garage door openers, I picked out the 1/2 hp belt drive that comes with two remotes and exterior key pad to go with it all from Home Depot, after that, I decided to find a reputable garage door company in Round Hill VA for Garage door opener installation project. I found out that most companies that like to install garage door openers you purchased by yourself and not through them. It was only Legman USA Garage Door Opener Installation Company in Round Hill VA that was able to take on this project from us and they did a fantastic job. Their service is great and very efficient and I'll always recommend them.

by Vijay Anosha on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Spring Adjustment in Round Hill VA

I called Legman garage door guys because the garage door was getting really heavy and difficult to lift up. We used the garage door manually and someday, we'll get a garage door opener with the door. We always want to make it easier for us to lift because we do it a few times each day. With the help of Legman USA Garage Door, the sent us a technician for the garage door spring adjustment, he put few rounds of tension on the garage door and lubricated the springs and all the parts. The door works great now and we're happy about the service we got.

by Anthony York on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Spring Repair in Round Hill VA

I purchased a new home not too long ago & few nights ago, a heard a loud noise in my garage, sounded like a gun shot and when I went down, I looked and the garage door and saw the cables hanging and the garage door spring broken. I went online looking for a garage door spring repair company or garage door spring adjustment company here in Round Hill VA, that's how I found out about Legman USA Garage Door. It was really late at night and I wanted to get me car out of the garage for work the next day. Legman was the only guys who answered their phone that late and they sent me a technician who was very kind and friendly. Even though it was late, He did a splendid job and did it with a smile. I got my spring replaced through them at an affordable price and will highly recommend them for their dependability..

by Dimitri Prevez on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair Round Hill VA

We're a mechanic shop here in Round Hill VA. We have a 10'x10' bay door that we use on a daily basis. Couple of days ago, the garage door was going up and all of a sudden, it came crashing down. The cables came off, a few of the rollers were off, the garage door track go bent up and some parts of the cable drum actually broke. I called around to several companies but couldn't find anyone to come out same day. When I spoke with my Landlord, He told me about Legman USA Garage Door Company that here in Round Hill VA. I called them up and they were able to fit me in same day. The technician came that evening and spent a few hours working on the garage door and fixing up everything. When He was done, the door worked great and sounded very quiet. Am quite impressed with the service I got from them and will highly recommend their work.

by Bill Ford on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Installation in Round Hill VA

Am a manager at an Apartment Complex here in Round Hill VA. Recentl, our tenants have been complaining that our old door was making a lot of noise and they could hear it each time the garage door goes up. I was getting too many complaints about it so I called a few garage door companies to give me an estimate, that's how I found Legman USA Garage Door. They were very professional and educated about dealing with people and about garage doors. The knew the best doors that would fit our needs at the best price. They provided us multiple options to choose from and it made us very comfortable with their business process. Am happy I chose them for our garage door installation here in Round Hill VA because the door they chose worked out great and I haven't had any complaints ever since.

by Abel Sondhi on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Cable Repair Round Hill VA

If you're looking for a garage door Company that provides fast service, very efficient and gives you a fair price, contact Legman USA Garage Door in Round Hill VA. They've done a lot of work for us here at our Repair shop and they continue to provide astounding service. Today, our garage door cable came undone because one of our techs closed the garage door on a block of wood mistakenly. Legman guys came out on a moments notice and they helped us open the garage door so we can do business and later, they took care of the issue. Very excited about working with them.

by Keram Aniekam on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Alignment and Adjustment in Round Hill VA

Legman USA Garage Door installed a roll up garage door for me about two years ago and I've had no issues with it. Recently, I've been in the process of renovating my home to put it on the market, the construction workers that came out to work on my home, hit the door with one of their heavy equipment which caused a little damage to the curtain and the door became unaligned. When I called Legman, they were very nice on the phone and scheduled an appointment to come out and take a look at it. Even though my warranty period was over, the came out free of charge and even aligned the garage door for me. The also gave me an extra remote which I paid for but they didn't charge me for the programming. I'm really happy about my relationship with Legman Garage Door here in Round Hill VA and I'll recommend them to anyone who needs their service.

by Benjamin Williams on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair in Round Hill VA

I'm happy to write this review for Legman USA Garage Door Repair Company in Round Hill VA. My garage door opener was always having issues every few days, usually in the mornings before I go to work. It will opener but when it comes to close, it will come down a little bit and go back up. When they came out, they evaluated the garage door and told me the force setting needed to be adjusted. I thought to myself, this shouldn't be that easy but the technician adjusted it and tested the door many times, it worked perfectly. Am glad I called the right Company to do the job, they made it quick and simple. Thanks guys...

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