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Garage Door Repair
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Broken Spring Repair
New Garage Door Installation
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Garage Door Maintenance/Tune Up
Welcome to Legman USA Garage Door Repair Services in Fairfax Station VA. Below are some of our garage door services here in Fairfax Station VA

  • Garage Door Repair Fairfax Station VA
  • Broken Spring Replacement in Fairfax Station VA
  • Torsion and Extension Spring Repair in Fairfax Station VA
  • Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair in Fairfax Station VA
  • Broken Cable Replacement in Fairfax Station VA
  • Offtrack Garage Door Repair in Fairfax Station VA
  • Garage Door Parts Replacement Fairfax Station VA
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement in Fairfax Station VA
  • New Garage Door Replacement and Installation in Fairfax Station VA
  • Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement Service Fairfax Station VA
  • Genie, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Overhead, Liftmaster, Chain and Belt Drive Opener installation and Repair Services in Fairfax Station VA

You can Contact us today for all our Garage Door Services at (703)382-7268

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 10 reviews
by Dina Sinobi on Legman USA Garage Door
Broken garage door spring repair

My garage door spring broke and I couldn't get my garage door to open with the opener, I called a few companies and got some prices. Legman USA broken spring repair and replacement company gave me the best price of $265 to replace the garage door broken spring. The job was done quite well and my garage door balances well now.

by Gail Doherty on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair in Fairfax VA

I always have water coming underneath the garage door whenever it rains, I've tried replacing the weather seals on both of my doors but it hasn't helped so I called Legman USA Garage Door in Fairfax Station VA. They came out and inspected my garage door, they advised I install a weather guard on the floor underneath the garage door, they also installed new weather seal on the sides of the door and sealed up all the edges with silicone. We tested the garage doors performance next time it rained and it was fine. Am happy with the result.

by Mark C. Echena on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Panel Replacement in Fairfax Station VA

My garage door panel was dented and I tried fixing the dent myself but couldn't. I called a few companies and nobody was willing to do it for me. Legman garage door was the only ones that gave me a good quote on the panel replacement and they were able to get the panel much quicker than the rest of the other companies. Am happy I used their service.

by Leland Hodgkins on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Parts Replacement in Fairfax Station VA

My garage door was making lots of noise and warbling when going up or when going down. I tried lubricating the rollers and the hinges of the garage door but it didn't help. I called a few garage door companies and they tried selling me a new garage door and said the garage door is old. After I spoke with Legman garage door company, they sent a technician to take a look at my garage door. The technician suggested I replace all the garage door parts including the rollers, hinges and springs. He gave me a good price and after we replaced all the hardware, the noise and warbling was gone. My garage door works like new, even though I didn't replace the entire door. Am glad I found Legman garage door parts replacement company here in Fairfax Station VA

by Anna Trujilo on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Opener Repair in Fairfax Station VA

I was about to sell my home and had an inspector come out to take a look at the garage door. The inspector suggested I have the garage door opener looked at. He said the garage door opener's force setting was low and it won't reverse when it hits an object. Right away, I remembered Legman because I've seen their ad's online for garage door opener repair in Fairfax Station VA. So I called them and they came out and within a few minutes, was able to get it all adjusted for me. Am very happy with the work they did.

by Cassie Mendalo on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair Fairfax Station VA

My garage door got buckled today because it hit one of the garden tools going down. I thought I was looking at replacing the garage door because of how it looked but after I called Legman, they came out and it took them about two hours and they put everything back together. Am glad my garage door is intact and is still working great. Will highly recommend their service.

by Kevin Minor on Legman USA Garage Door
New Garage Door Installation Fairfax Station VA

I purchased a new garage door from Legman, am a contractor and I wanted to install the garage door myself. The delivered the garage door to me but after much trial and error, I called them back to help out because the garage door replacement wasn't working right. Legman USA Garage Door came out and helped me with the new garage door installation in Fairfax Station VA. I only paid $50 for their service. They're very helpful.

by Daniel Nafte on Legman USA Garage Door
Broken spring replacement in Fairfax Station VA

I have an old wood garage door, a two car garage door that uses extension springs. The springs were heavy duty and I called several companies to take a look at it but none of them were about to help me with the spring. A neighbor recommended Legman garage door because they replaced her springs earlier this year so I called them and they were able to replace my as well. Their price is affordable and they have great customer service.

by Deanna Murray on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Broken Spring Repair in Fairfax Station VA

Thank you to Legman USA Garage Door in Fairfax Station VA for fixing my broken spring on my garage door. They came right away after I called and job and scheduling took less than two hours.

by Silas Sanusi on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair in Fairfax Station VA

Simo did an excellent job on my garage door, he took his time and explained all the issues my garage door was having and itemized everything. I'll highly recommend this company for any garage door repair in fairfax va

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