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Garage Door Repair
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Broken Spring Repair
New Garage Door Installation
Commercial Door Repair/Install
Garage Door Maintenance/Tune Up
Welcome to Legman USA Garage Door Repair Services in Annandale VA. Below are some of our garage door services here in Annandale VA

  • Garage Door Repair Annandale VA
  • Broken Spring Replacement in Annandale VA
  • Torsion and Extension Spring Repair in Annandale VA
  • Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair in Annandale VA
  • Broken Cable Replacement in Annandale VA
  • Offtrack Garage Door Repair in Annandale VA
  • Garage Door Parts Replacement Annandale VA
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement in Annandale VA
  • New Garage Door Replacement and Installation in Annandale VA
  • Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement Service Annandale VA
  • Genie, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Overhead, Liftmaster, Chain and Belt Drive Opener installation and Repair Services in Annandale VA

You can Contact us today for all our Garage Door Services at (703)382-7268

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 10 reviews
by Dina Picassio on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Offtrack Repair in Annandale VA

I was about to leave home in a hurry and I mistakenly backed into my garage door while it's still going up. I didn't realize that it wasn't fully up. It was really sad that this happened. I didn't have the funds to get a new door which I thought was going to be the case here but I called out for help and Legman USA Garage Door answered. The technicians were so experienced, the figured out a way to fix my garage door so I didn't have to get it replaced. Overall, I got a working garage door now that's still in good shaped and am happy about it. Will definitely recommend any to used their garage door offtrack replacement service here in Annandale VA.

by Mary Levina on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Replacement in Annandale VA

I was tied of my old garage door, it keeps coming off the tracks and all the hinges were bent. I've made several repairs on it for the past one year. I decided to get it replaced for I called Legman USA Garage Door Replacement Company here in Annadale VA. I called several companies after 6pm, they were the only ones that came out. Also they were at my home same day and said they can get the door replaced within 24 hours. I waited the next day before making my decision because I wanted to make sure I check around for pricing. I decided to go with them because I got a great price. The job went really well and will recommend their work.

by Lina Deniva on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Panel Replacement in Annandale VA

I wanted to get my garage door panel replaced because the snow had hit the door multiple times when it snowed heavily and we had hail storm and it made few dents on the door. It didn't quite bother me but my HOA has been pressing for me to get it replaced. I looked around for a reputable company here in Annandale VA until I found Legman USA Garage Door Company. I called them for my garage door panel replacement, they asked me to send pictures and I did. They came out same day and got the damaged panel replaced for a decent price. Will highly recommend anyone to use them.

by Pralabh Dabhia on Legman USA Garage Door
Broken Garage Door Spring Repair in Annandale VA

My garage door spring had broken and I had a 15'x8' garage door. I called one company to come out and they did but couldn't get the right garage door spring for my door so an neighbor gave me phone number for Legman USA Company. I called them for my garage door broken spring repair here in Annandale VA, told them the size of the garage door and the make and they came out same day with the right garage door spring and new cables and got it all repaired for a $250. Happy with the service...

by Senthil Khumar on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Replacement Service Annandale VA

I wanted to get a new garage door and have shopped around for a few months, just looking for a great deal. I saw a neighbor replacing their garage door and found out they used Legman USA Garage Door service for their new garage door replacement here in Annandale VA. So I called the number on the truck and they gave me a price over the phone which was less that all the price I've been getting. I quickly locked in the price and paid a deposit. within two days, my new garage door was installed and I love it. Best decision ever...

by Richard Montana on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Opener Repair in Annandale VA

My garage door kept jerking each time it will go up, it felt like the garage door opener was loosing power. Occasionally it will stop half way and won't go any longer. I've looked online for the issue for couldn't find anything that worked for it so I decided to contact a professional garage door repair company here in Annandale VA. I called Legman. They came out and checked the garage door opener and ran diagnosis on it free of charge. Finally, they determined the garage door tension needed to be adjusted because it was too heavy for the garage door opener. They made all the necessary adjustments on the garage door and now, my door is working just fine. I haven't had any garage door opener repair issues. I have a genie garage door opener.

by Bryan Crosbab on Legman USA Garage Door
Commercial Door Repair in Annandale VA

I have a Commercial door here in Annandale VA and one of my employees mistakenly damaged one of the tracks with our forklift. The track became bent and our door was getting stuck each time it goes up. I called Legman USA Garage Door Company because they're used around here a lot and I've seen their trucks around. They came out same day with a new track for my door and got it replaced. I didn't have to pay huge amount for their work. Their price is fair and reasonable.

by Mike Duluth on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Broken Cable Repair in Annandale VA

My garage door cable got caught behind one of the vertical tracks and it got broken so I needed a new cable and fixing the torsion spring on the garage door. I spoke with the customer service at Legman and they said they could help with it. I gave them information on the garage door and they came out with new cables, everything got fixed within an hour before I went to work. I really appreciated the fast and efficient service they provided.

by Divia Sharma on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair in Annandale VA

I've never had garage door issues since I purchased my home, my garage door has always functioned well until last night. The garage door was going down and it closed on the trash can in the garage which threw the torsion cables off the drum and the door got misaligned. I didn't want to leave the garage not closed all the way the whole night so I called around for garage door repair in Annandale VA, that's how I found Legman USA Garage Door. They came out same evening and got the door repaired quickly. They waived emergency service fee for me and I also go $25 discount on the website. This was a new experience I wasn't expecting but Legman guys made it go very smoothly.

by Mathew Stewart on Legman USA Garage Door
Garage Door Repair in Annandale VA

I was looking a garage door repair Company here in Annandale VA because the garage door opener recently pulled the garage door frame off the wall. I had no idea why or what had happened. I found Legman USA Garage Door and decided to give them a shot. They came out same day to get the issue fixed and repairs were made effectively. They mentioned that the door was locked manually that's why the garage door opener messed up my door. In overall, they replaced the top panel and fixed the issue for a good price.

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