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Legman USA Garage Door Repair in Virginia, DC and Maryland

Welcome to Legman USA Garage Door website. We’re happy you’ve taken some time to check out our website. To begin, we’re a brand name in DC Metro area, when it comes to Garage Door Repair, Service, Installation and Maintenance. Even though we’ve only been around for seven years, we’ve managed to make our mark in the garage door industry through hard work and dedication to our customers.

When it comes to Garage Door Repair in DC, Virginia and Maryland, you don’t need to go any further. We’re your #1 choice. We’ll wow you with our customer service and support which has been our primary goal in the last 7 years. We’ve mastered the art of working with new customer and talking them through the process of getting their garage door fixed.

Our goal is to breakdown the different issues your garage door could be having into smaller manageable issues and help you understand what’s going on. We take you along on the journey to fixing your garage door, even though we’ll be on the driver’s seat, you’ll be seating along side us to see how we do what we do. We also explain the process to you, so you can avoid any mishap that might potentially come up in the future and in turn saving you time and money.

In the past few years, below are a list of garage door repair problems that we’ve handled, and you may identify with any one of them, you may have any issue that is not listed here or maybe you don’t know what the issue is, don’t be alarmed, we’ll go through the journey with you and figure out how to get your problem fixed today.

Garage Door Problems Most Home Owners Face;

  • Garage Door Has a Broken Torsion Spring
  • Garage Door Has a Broken Extension Spring
  • Broken Torsion Cable on Garage Door
  • Broken Torsion tube
  • Garage Door is Off-track
  • Broken Hinges on Garage Door
  • Rollers on Garage Door has Worn out Ball Bearings
  • Garage Door Panels are Cracked and Need to be Replaced
  • Garage Door Tracks are Bent out of Shape and Need to be Replaced
  • Remotes are not Working
  • Garage Door Opener Sensors Has no Light
  • Garage Door is not Aligned.

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